Simple Techniques of Prediction Numbers

Simple techniques for predicting the numbers in the 49's

Many people regarding the choice of numbers in the 49's based on different considerations in their draw.

Some are based on the intuition others on the dates of his birth and closest of the family, still others on statistics of numbers, their temperature, colors etc.

I think that should be used with any method if only is effective

Here are some of my own methods of predicting the numbers



1st Method "Stairs"

The method consists in selecting the next number based on the recent 2-3 draw

Example was drawn number 15, previously was a lottery draw number 14, in accordance with the method that category - we bet on number 16 (staircase "go" up)

Another example - the number 20 was drawn, number 18 were drawn before - we bet that will come number 22 ("stairs" every second number).

Of course the "stairs method" we use - right, left, up and down

An Example of Method “Stairs”

You have to choose the right direction, "stairs"




2nd Method  "Draw After"

The method is based on an analysis of the numbers that occur after the numbers from the current draw

For example: the last draw came out numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6 - starting with number 1 analyze the last 50 occurrences of this number, writing down all the numbers that occurred after each occurrence of number 1 (example: number 1 entered 1 September at Lunchtime draw - numbers "draw after" are all those numbers which came on 1 September Teatime draw)

After analyzing all 50 draws that occur directly after our number 1, calculates statistically the most frequent numbers that occurred during this period and then check which of them came after the recent 3-4 instances of this number and I select it as My sure number.

Then analyzed identically and the remaining 5 numbers after the the appointment of any number that is sure and then I bet on it



3 Method "Sudoku"

The method is based on prediction the best 1 number of a ball - the method of predicting 1 best number I will be described in another article

After selecting 1 number we are looking for numbers that were drawn most often with that number in the last 365 days.

We choose them to our numbers as a sudoku game, hence the name of this method

Then we analyze the most common of these numbers and reject the ones that did not occur with chosen number of our recent 3-4 draws, in which we have drawn our 1 number.

We play until it is drawn, our "1 number" and numbers chosen by us as the best complement to the selected number


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