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Do not repeat the tactics which have gained you one victory, but let your methods

be regulated by the infinite variety of circumstances  "Art of War" by SunTz



Some information to my readers!!!


As some of You know, after changing rules

& regulations of Gambling in My Country

I can't play lottery 49's from already some months.


That means I can not earn anything on my hit numbers!!!


Just look at some of my winnings

- now You know how much it cost me







Until December 2017- there was no problem

with this due to the companies advertising on the website

and sponsoring my experience with predicting numbers


Unfortunately, in mid-December - a strategic sponsor

covering about 95% of my costs

withdrew from our cooperation.


I was put ( & still I am) in a difficult situation - the attempt to find

a new strategic sponsor has failed


I decide change a little my work on the website


The predictions  for the 49's lottery

I'll be present here only created

by Keniox software


Who wants more prediction

with classical methods

- 5 selected numbers with the 5 methods of prediction

+ the best 1 number in my opinion for 49's lottery

with the current tables

let read my facebook page


Thank You & Good Luck in 2018 Year




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Most countries in the world

have various lotteries

Playing classic in any lottery

is very hard

to win again and again



The rules of the lottery based on games of chance

such as keno - draws the 20 balls from 80

- and the player own numbers are from 1 to 10 

or draws the 6 numbers of 49 balls in lotto game, etc


Also in Poland, where I come from similar games,

however, the Polish keno game (called multi multi)

is not very profitable at the game on a 1 to 5 numbers,

and in 6 numbers of 49 balls - lotto raised rates and reduced

lower winnings, which also has become unattractive to the players.


up to $1600 M
MEGA Millions
up to $650 M
Superlotto Plus
up to $193 M
Lotto Texas
up to $97 M


Lottery 49's


is the most interesting from the entire proposed lottery.



Can be played 2 times per day before 14.00 cet (2 p.m.) at lunchtime and at 18.00 cet (6 p.m.)at teatime

Very attractive are the odds on hitting 1 number of the ball or 2,3,4 and 5 numbers

Betting this game we can play without additional balls (BB) or with the Bonus Ball



The paytable in 49's looks like this




No of balls

6 No Draw


7 No Draw inc Bonus Ball

















How to read the table?


Play on 1 number of the ball of the six numbers drawn - no additional Bonus Ball

- if we bet on the game such as $1 (€1 or another currency ) x 7.50

= $7,50

when playing with Bonus Ball $1 x 6,50 = $6,50


 Play on 2 numbers of the ball of the six numbers drawn - no additional Bonus Ball

- if  we bet on the game such as  $1 x 67 = $67

when playing with Bonus Ball $1 x 45 = $45


Play on 3 numbers of the ball of the six numbers drawn - no additional Bonus Ball

- if  we bet on the game such as  $1 x 701 = $701

when playing with Bonus Ball $1 x 441 = $441


Play on 4 numbers of the ball of the six numbers drawn - no additional Bonus Ball

- if  we bet on the game such as  $1 x 10001 = $10001

when playing with Bonus Ball $1 x 5001 = $5001


Play on 5 numbers of the ball of the six numbers drawn - no additional Bonus Ball

- if  we bet on the game such as  $1 x 150001 = $150001

when playing with Bonus Ball $1 x 50001 = $50001


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Lottery 49's ?

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focus on prediction and try to find

the best method for selecting the numbers


I present my predictions of numbers

with some methods.


The purpose of bet on is

to find the best method

of prediction or the 

combined methods

of predicting

the numbers.



Not everyone has time to predict the numbers

- here is the solution - an excellent program

for the analysis of numbers


Increase your odds and never play blind again!


With our lottery assistant Keniox you get:

comprehensive 'how to play' description based

on real examples, real draws, dates and numbers.


All with a clear and unambiguous step-by-step numbers Wizard.

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Predict Lotteries with KENIOX : UK - 49's, Lotto,

Thunderball, HotPicks, EUROPE - Euro Millions,

Euro Jackpot, IRELAND - Lotto, All or Nothing,

GERMANY - Lotto, SPAIN - La Primitiva, El Gordo,

ITALYSuperEnalottoSuperStar, FRANCE - Loto,

USA - New York - Lotto, Mega Millions, Powerball,

AUSTRALIA - OZ Lotto and many more... 


Attention!!! - new, improvement version

Keniox 1.9.0. is now available



Want to know how I predict

using the software



Read! KENIOX - method of prediction 





Prediction on 2018-01-22

The most probable numbers
are on the front



Numbers predicted by a software
KENIOX  (in my own interpretation )

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Attention!!! - new, improvement version

Keniox 1.9.0. is now available



The First Option (classic prediction using
"the Wizard"- described here: Wizard )
Pick: 47,29,31,45,14


47(LT&TT),29,31,45,49 - on 2018-01-10

14,1,16(TT),15,33(LT) - on 2018-01-11

14,1,15,46,9 - no hit on 2018-01-12

14,1(TT),15(TT),46(LT),9 - on 2018-01-15

29,31,45(TT),49,14(TT) - on 2018-01-16

21,1,3(TT),36,20 - on 2018-01-17

47,29(LT),31(TT),49(TT),14(LT) - on 2018-01-18

26,25(TT),11,41,24(LT) - on 2018-01-19

14,1,16,33(TT),46(TT) - on 2018-01-20

14,1,16,33,46 - no hit on 2018-01-21

14,1,16(LT),33,46 - on 2018-01-22


The Second Option - "Golden Set"
(my own method - prediction with
Pick: 32,22,37
28,33,44 - no hit on 2018-01-10
28,33(TT),44 - on 2018-01-11
43(TT),28,44(LT),17 - on 2018-01-12
6,17,27(TT),1(TT) - on 2018-01-15
39(LT),17,35(TT),23(LT) - on 2018-01-16
17(TT),23,49 - on 2018-01-17
43,23(TT),30(TT),49(TT) - Hit 3! numbers with 4 balls on 2018-01-18 Teatime
23,32,19 - no hit on 2018-01-19
23(LT),32,19 - on 2018-01-20
23(LT),32,19(LT) - on 2018-01-21
32,22,37 - no hit on 2018-01-22


There are my 5 standard methods of prediction
& 2 methods using Keniox software





position number 49's lottery


Classic Method of prediction numbers:


Hot positions of numbers - 10, 100, 200, 300, 1000

draws back (analyze without Bonus Ball)

- an "Updated Article"

here: Prediction 1 number of the ball





(analyze without Bonus Ball) - a New Article

here: Lesson of prediction numbers


"RR" - A  type of statistics using numbers

the most common in surest numbers for

a different distance of draws back

(analyze without Bonus Ball)

- minimum number of occurrences 2








classic method prediction number 49's lottery





Other Methods



PWBB/ BB - I used this method to predict

First Ball & Bonus Ball - it is simple

& effective - select the first

drawn number 9 & 10 draws back

(analysis includes Bonus Ball)


other method prediction lottery 49's


PWBBX - in this method is repeated First

Drawn Ball & Bonus Ball

of the previous draw

(analysis includes Bonus Ball)


pwbbx method prediction number 49s lotto




The trick is to make the right choice



Latest results on 2018-01-22
latest results 49's lottery


The previous results can be checked here 49's


Interesting and useful links

for 49's Lottery



Random Number Generator



I also invite you

to facebook page:


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Older Methods of Prediction



PDX - it is a method where use table Hot

positions of numbers - 10 draws back

- choice is the number below the first

drawn hot number

(analyze without Bonus Ball)


For example

older method prediction number lotto


"3xR" - Replay of position by 3 times in

the table Hot positions of numbers

- 10 draws back ( this situation occurs

from time to time - analyze

without Bonus Ball)

older method prediction number lottery



Most frequent positions in the "GRAPHIC


- 10 DRAWS BACK" - minimal distance of hit

- 2 draws brake

For example positions 7 & 22

in the picture below 





Lottery 49's


1. Tables in 49's - currently used progressive tables

- a game conducted without Bonus Ball


2. How to lose and never be a loser - my own strategy

of winnings, investing and loosing with special insurance


3. Prediction 1 number of the ball -  methods which I use

to predict the best surest number - Article Updated!!!


4. Prediction the numbers  - simple techniques for

predicting the numbers in the 49's but very effective


5.Strategy in 49's - if you want to play and win in 49's,

you must learn the strategy of game or you lose

very quickly what you have earned 


6. 3 numbers for 500 draws - a long-term game

for 3 numbers of balls to icrease the chances of hitting

up to 500 draws - My own strategy - simple

but very effective


7. Aggresive game system 3/5 - meet aggresive game system

on 3 numbers from 5 balls


8.Method "Draw In" - I don't use this method to predictions

now because it takes too much time to analyze

- but it has some effectiveness




Want to play "CLASSIC"

the best lotteries in the World?


But You don't Live in a Country Your

favorite Lottery!


It's not a problem!!!

Try your predictions ONLINE!!!


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Pick your numbers and play



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Gambling should always be an enjoyable leisure activity

It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to gamble

Please read  about  RESPONSIBLE GAMBLING

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